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GIT Launches New Charitable Initiatives!

Posted by Tiffany Gaines on

At Gaines Investment Trust we are not only invested in our fellow team members and the residents that we serve on a daily basis, but we are also invested in the well being of our local communities. 

We are launching a new initiative this year in which we commit to donating at least $10,000 annually to charitable causes that benefit our local communities. In addition to this, our "GIT Bucks" program (which is a new GIT currency that team members can accumulate while excelling at work) can be redeemed and allotted to our "Quarterly Cause"

The charitable causes that we will donate to as a company get to be chosen by team members such as you! We're eager to hear what local charities you are invested in and why. You can nominate a quarterly cause here.

We are so excited to launch this program and unite as a company of people that support our local community beyond the grounds of our properties. This is just the beginning. Thank you for being a part of team GIT and joining us as we do our best to help our neighbors and make the world a better place!

Click here to read about our first cause!


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